All and everything on Korifaeus’ sites was penned and created by ©Leagan E. Kasper

This site’s purpose is not to give writers ideas, nor should anything on this site, nor any other Korifaeus sites, be copied or used to enrich oneself monetarily, selling the explanations, story ideas, etc. as one’s own.
It would be unethical and whoever will take ideas from this site, or any other site of Korifaeus, will have to accept the responsibility of having to live the rest of their lives with a bad conscience, the worst feeling in the world.
It’s your choice, but i’d highly recommend not to engage in IPT ( Intellectual property theft) or copy catism. It’s not becoming, to say the least. And when caught it’s terribly embarrassing. You might want to avoid that

If you wish to use some explanation, give credit where credit is due. People will respect you and you’ll create a reputation of integrity which will last you a life time.

Leagan E. Kasper is the author of ” The Makers of Gi’hon” ( to be republished ) Surviving Pan”, and the versed poetic Adventure of a Scribe, ” Ecco Pen’Sare”, and creator of Korifaeus Entertainment, the Multi Genre Entertainment Boutique Online

To learn more about Leagan E. Kasper please visit her Author’s Page at Amazon

Author’s Page

Thank you for respecting the original works of those daring to share freely with others who wish to be inspired, entertained, etc.

Leagan E. Kasper alias ™Korifaeus

Contact: Korifaeus@gmail.com





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